Laser Dentistry

Lasers are the next phase of 21st Century dentistry. In many instances, laser dental treatment has advantages over traditional techniques.

Many people think of Buck Rogers or other science fiction heroes when they think of lasers. However, it's important to understand that lasers are used in many everyday devices, such as barcode scanners and DVD players. Use of lasers in the medical field is increasing each year. This is because lasers can be developed using different wavelengths of light to target only certain tissues in the body. This makes lasers a highly accurate and effective way to treat many ailments.

Most dental patients love laser dentistry. Lasers are silent and gentle. Often, recovery times are improved. Lasers also have many other advantages, including:

  • Highly effective, gentle way to treat gum disease
  • Bacteria removal and eradication
  • Re-contouring of gum lines after cosmetic dentistry
  • Much less discomfort than standard treatments
  • Effective relief from canker sores

Laser treatment of gum disease is only one of the many wonderful advances in dentistry that Dr. Kerber has to offer.

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